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Our sustainability strategy includes environmental, social and governance measures, and guides us in our daily sustainability work, caring and creating value for people – customers, employees, and society in general.

How we contribute to society

Make a Difference

for people and communities

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to support solving society’s challenges


on areas where we have the most impact

Sustainable Mindset

An integrated part of our operations is to improve our social, environmental and climate impact across the entire value chain, contributing with solutions to face many challenges in our society, like climate change, socio-economic differences, and housing shortage. We care for employees, customers, suppliers, and society, promote good health and secure living and working conditions, and safe and inclusive neighbourhoods.

As part of our strategy, we hold a lifelong perspective on properties, value, and preserve older properties by carefully upgrading them, build new apartments to decrease housing shortages and use natural resources in a responsible manner. We address climate change through sustainable energy solutions, energy and water efficiency and biodiversity measures such as pollinating plants, green roofs, and storm water management.

Through sharing knowledge and expertise, we inspire others to contribute and make a positive difference, an enrichment for our industry and society.

Targets and Focus Areas

Friendly Workplace Icon

Friendly Workplace

Focus Areas

  • Health Safety and job satisfaction
  • Equality and non-discrimination
  • Employee development
  • Contractor health and safety

2023 Target Areas

  • Monthly employee surveys to measure employee satisfaction and eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score).
  • Accidents and Sick Leave
  • Gender representation in Group and Country Management Teams
  • Non-discrimination

2023 Targets

  • Target for job satisfaction, leadership, and general temperature: 8.5 (on a of scale from 1–10)
  • Target for eNPS: 65 (scale from -100 to 100). 0% work-related accidents
  • Minimum 40 percent women in Group Management teams
  • Zero tolerance for discrimination
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Focus Areas

  • Friendly, healthy, and safe homes
  • Customer relationships- treatment, service, and complaint management
  • Responsible management of vulnerable customers

2023 Target Areas

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Social lease contracts

2023 Targets

  • Total Customer Service Index (CSI) should be 80% by 2023
  • 'Takes customers seriously' in the survey should be 86% by 2023
  • At least 3% of apartments should consist of social lease contracts (dedicating apartments to those who find it hard to get housing)
Sustainable Properties Icon

Sustainable Properties

Focus Areas

  • Sustainable energy solutions
  • Energy, water & resource efficiency
  • Healthy construction material
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity & eco systems

Target Areas

  • Fossil fuel-free operations
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Water Efficiency
  • Ecosystem services 


  • Reduce absolute scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 category 13 greenhouse gas emissions with at least 42%1 by 2030 (baseline 2020) 
  • Require suppliers covering 70% of our spend to set Science Based Targets2 by 20253.
  • Reduce the amount of purchased energy by, on average, 2% per sqm per year till 20254 (like for like basis, 2019 baseline)
  • Include renewable energy generation in all newbuilds
  • At least 1% reduced water consumption per sqm and year until 2030 (like-for-like, baseline 2019)​
  • Ecosystem services shall be evaluated for all new builds and major projects. At least the same amount of ecosystem services, or more, must be recreated
  1. ln line with what is needed for limiting global warming to 1.5°C (Paris agreement, Science Based Targets Initiative - SBTi)

  2. More than 66% of total scope 3 emissions must be covered. If measuring coverage by spend, the company should provide an estimate of the emissions coverage associated. Does not have to be validated by the SBTi.

  3. Heimstaden Bostad: Scope 3 category 1 (Purchased goods and services) and 2 (Capital goods), cover 76% of total scope 3 emissions. Ten of Heimstaden Bostad’s contractors account for more than 70% of total spend volume.

  4. Degree-day corrected value

Society and Neighbourhoods Icon

Society and Neighbourhoods

Focus Areas

  • Contribute to creating sustainable & Inclusive communities
  • Focus on young adults & people in exclusion
  • Upholding Human Right in our entire value chain

2023 Target Areas

  • Number of jobs for young adults
  • Number of apprentices
  • Sponsorship approach
  • Implement our Social Roadmap (affordable housing and job opportunities)

2023 Targets

  • On an annual basis, at least 3-4% of employees shall be trainees (focus on people in exclusion)
  • 100 young adult jobs each year as student jobs and summer jobs (group wide)
Governance and Reporting Icon

Governance and Reporting

Focus Areas

  • ESG Strategy, policies & anti-corruption
  • Risk & opportunity management
  • Supply chain Sustainability
  • Reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement

2023 Target Areas

  • Code of conduct for employees (signing and training)
  • Code of conduct for business partners (signing)

2023 Targets

  • 100% of employees have signed the Code of Conduct for employees and have completed training
  • 100% of contractors and suppliers have signed the Code of Conduct for business partners.

Some of our key priorities in 2022:

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Introduce and integrate our sustainable strategy in new markets

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Implement Climate Roadmap including local plans for all countries

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Strengthen our Environmental Management System

World Icon

Perform robust climate risk and vulnerability assessment at property level

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Further strengthen our sustainable supply chain processes

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Implement our Social Roadmap and harmonise our ways of working with all markets