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Since 2021 A Home for a Home has contributed over EUR 35 million towards improving the lives of the most vulnerable children.

We believe in equal opportunities for all, starting with giving children the best foundation to grow and prosper in a safe home. To support vulnerable children, we have partnered with SOS Children’s Villages.

Since A Home for a Home began in 2021, we have supported 54 programmes in 26 countries, both locally in the countries we operate and across the world. Through our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages we aim to create impact beyond the donation, and have explored different ways to use our resources and expertise alongside a significant annual donation.

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Global Programmes

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Local Co-Created Programmes

Programmes We Support

Since a Home for a Home began we have supported a total of 54 different programmes. Currently we are supporting 10 global programmes, with a focus on East and Southern Africa.

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Focus Areas

To create the most effective partnership we have selected four key areas that align with Heimstaden’s values and strengths and have the best benefit for children growing up.

Access to a safe home when growing up

Every child deserves to grow up in a safe and stable environment. Many of the programmes we support have a strong emphasis on family strengthening, as children who are able to stay with their families tend to have better success in life. In circumstances where children are unable to live with their families, programmes we support help to set children up with alternative care, and support foster parents in creating good environments for them to grow up in.

Access to a safe home when leaving care

Youth leaving alternative care are at a higher risk of adverse outcomes due to their lack of support systems. This makes it more difficult for them to find stable housing, leading to difficulties in finding employment and a greater risk of struggling with mental health issues or addiction. Many of the programmes we support both globally and locally target this issue. By helping to provide safe homes and educational support for youth leaving alternative care we can give them a solid start to their adult lives.

Access to activities for social integration

Alongside the basic necessities of life, social integration is key in allowing children to thrive. Programmes we support in this area help to provide emotional support for children, and work with them to build skillsets for resiliency. We also work to provide safe and fun spaces for children to play and learn in through playgrounds and community spaces.

Build a skillset to become self-sufficient

Youth leaving alternative care often struggle to support themselves and become self-sufficient. Through our programmes we are working to provide education and support that allows youth to go into the world with the skillsets necessary to begin a stable and happy life. This involves vocational skills training, intern/trainee programmes, and support with the transition to living on their own.