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Guided by our values and Scandinavian heritage, we aim for excellence in happiness and life quality for customers and employees as well as sustainable and commercially outstanding operations.

This is how we fulfill our vision to enrich and simplify lives through Friendly Homes.

Core Ambitions

Life quality and happiness is about creating safe, friendly, and thriving neighbourhoods and communities surrounding the home, and about being there for our customers to support their everyday needs.

Ambitious, passionate and happy people who feel validated at work, are key to having a strong culture that brings the best product and service for our customers. Heimstaden's people are our most important resource, and we encourage diversity, honesty and new ideas.

Contributing to society is the only way we want to live, relate, and work - inspiring others through our actions and continuing to improve our social, environmental, and climate impact across the value chain.

Being profitable is the rocket fuel for fulfilling our vision, achieved through hard work, impatience, and passion. We are analytical and agile, and focus on what is important. Strong performance in everything we do is the surest way to outperform and be commercially outstanding.

Efficient and
Innovative Operations

Our competent in-house property management team, coupled with a fully integrated platform, drives efficient and innovative operations. By prioritising agility and a modern digital ecosystem, we achieve scalability, rapid decision-making, quality reporting, and excellent customer service. Heimstaden is contracted as our strategic and administrative portfolio manager.

Strategic Pillars

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Customer Centred

Our customers are always at the centre of our attention, and we deliver a customer experience beyond expectations by being there for our customers to support their everyday needs. We empower our customers with smart physical and digital solutions for a better and more sustainable everyday life and, with regular measurements of customer satisfaction, we continuously improve services in all our markets.

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Friendly Workplace

Through dedication, long-term thinking, and collaboration, Heimstaden creates happiness and life quality at work. They have an honest and passionate culture, where caring and driven people have the freedom and resources to apply their skills and ideas. We encourage a diverse work environment and have zero tolerance for discrimination.

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Sustainable Mindset

Our sustainable mindset is an integrated part of our operations and constantly improves our social and environmental impact across the entire value chain. We contribute with solutions to face the many challenges in our society, and by sharing our knowledge and expertise, we seek to inspire others to contribute and make a positive difference for the enrichment of our industry and society.

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Financial Strength

Together with institutional partners, we are operating an evergreen and sustainable platform with a robust balance sheet and liquidity position. Our competent and experienced in-house management provides great advantages and opportunities for sustainable and responsible growth.