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Friendly Workplace

Our people make up our strong culture – everyone contributes to a Friendly Workplace.

The ideas, attitudes, and energy we bring to work directly impacts how our workplace is perceived. Customers and colleagues feel the difference when meeting people who love what they do.


We are a people-driven organization with passion for empowering people. Leaders inspire employees to strive towards our mission and goals, and provide guidance on how to reach them, as a team and as individuals.

Our leaders are caring and passionate, they make colleagues feel valued and motivated to perform their best and embrace change. We encourage an open-hearted attitude, leading by example in Diversity and Inclusiveness and having an open door and mind.

Know to Grow

We always dream big - crucial to succeed in growth, as a company and as individuals. In any role, we constantly need to unlearn the old and replace it with the new.

Being able to develop ignites people’s passion and happiness, learning is an important part of our culture. Happy people are motivated (and vice versa) - and dream big. Learning happens every day in solving challenges and in interaction with others and is reflected through how we learn and develop in Heimstaden.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion are fundamentals in our daily business operations.

We are committed to making a positive difference in society, always acting responsibly, have an open mind and respecting that everyone is unique and equally different. We believe in a society where differences are valued, respected, and celebrated, and where everyone can use and develop talents and skills to their full potential.

As an open and inclusive company, with zero tolerance for discrimination, we welcome everyone regardless of background, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, ability, or sexual orientation. Everyone shall ensure equal opportunities and stand up against and prevent discrimination or harassment. We are fully committed to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and friendly environment in every part of the organisation.

People Make the Difference

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Achieving a Friendly Workplace through these focus areas

Safe Workplace

Work health, safety, and well-being are our topmost priority, providing a safe and secure physical, psychological, and social workplace - targeting zero health, safety, or security incidents.

Our people access knowledge, supervision, work processes and equipment, required to ensure health, safety and well-being, which make room to outperform in their job. Achieving our zero-target with systematically work, such as regular proactive risk assessment and monthly accident/incident reporting, documented in publicly accessible protocols.

Leaders are responsible for Work Health & Safety, ensuring that it is always top of mind and that everyone take the responsibility for actively and continuously contributing to a safe workplace.

Diversity Board

We believe our organisation should offer equal opportunities for all our people.

One of Heimstaden’s social sustainability targets is to create a safe and inclusive workplace with equal opportunities for all our employees. One important step towards this is the launch of our Diversity Board.

The members of the Diversity Board have been selected through an application and interview process where interest, ideas, and experience have been weighted.

Members of our Diversity Board

  • Yelda Dagarslan, Marketing Communication Specialist, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Lisa Marquardt, Customer Care, Berlin, Germany
  • Melvin Mokarso, Privatisation Manager, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Flemming Wulff Hansen, Senior Strategic Buyer, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Claudia Thorogood, Accounting Specialist