Heimstaden Bostad, one of the largest residential real estate companies in Europe, is dedicated to creating value by investing long-term in properties and operational efficiency with focus on people, the environment, climate and society. By developing sustainable and attractive property stocks in Scandinavian growth regions, we generate long-term value not only for ourselves but also for shareholders, customers, partners, the environment and the society at large. We are also expanding our long-term value approach to other European countries, starting with the Netherlands and Czechia. To Heimstaden Bostad, sustainability is the only way forward. Our sustainability work does not just entail generating value for customers, investors, the company and the surrounding community. Our work streches beyond that. We want to make sure that Heimstaden Bostad creates sustainable and viable homes and neighbourhoods equipped to address societal challenges such as climate change, segregation and housing shortages. We are committed to integrating aspects of sustainability into all of our operations. Our sustainability work is based on ISO 26000, the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals. To focus our efforts where they are needed most, we map our sustainability risks to be able to lift these areas from risk management to value creation over time. This approach allows us to contribute to positive change and to benefit pro-actively from opportunities while addressing potential negative consequences. This is an expression of our urge to grow with quality. Our Sustainability strategy and targets include environmental, social and governance measures. In line with the Paris Agreement, we focus extensively on reducing our carbon footprint and on enhancing energy efficiency and building resilience to the effects of climate change. For these reasons, issuing a green bond is a natural next step for Heimstaden Bostad. Our green bonds will mainly finance eco-certified and energy efficient buildings, but also investments in renewable energy, clean transportation, pollution prevention and control as well as climate change adaptation. Heimstaden Bostad’s Green Bond Framework is aligned with the Green Bond Principles. CICERO Shades of Green has provided an independent second opinion with a Medium green rating and it receives an overall green bond governance structure rating of Excellent. UN Global Compact In 2019, Heimstaden has signed the UN Global Compact the world’s largest sustainability initiative and committed us to following its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour practise, environment and anti-corruption. we support UN global impact