The Code of Conduct is equivalent of rules and foundations that sets the standard of integrity we follow.

The Code of Conduct applies to everyone working for and with us; employees, board members, consultants, agents, and parties acting on our behalf. We also expect our business partners to uphold the same high ethical standards. The Code of Conduct outlines how we are expected to act and covers our duties and rights.

Heimstaden Bostad is a reliable partner for colleagues, customers, owners, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. With our values integrated throughout the company, we conduct our business in a lawful and ethical way - externally and internally.

We always act fairly, meet people with respect, and have zero tolerance against all forms of criminality, corruption, fraud, bribery, money laundering, privacy violation, anti-competitive behaviour, and insider trading.

This applies to all stakeholders – you need to support this 100% for Heimstaden Bostad to be the right employer, landlord, partner, or investment for you.

Heimstaden Bostad has a responsibility to protect anyone who in good faith speaks up about suspected violations of the Code of Conduct, local laws, regulations, and other issues. We do not tolerate any form of retaliation (including separation, demotion, suspension, or loss of benefits) against anyone who makes a report of potential misconduct or helps with an investigation.

We want you to be free to ask questions and raise issues without fear of retaliation, secure in the knowledge that you did the right thing in stepping forward. When you speak up about unethical and illegal behaviour, you are saying that an honest and ethical workplace matters to you.

Read our Code of Conduct.

Read more about Whistleblowing.