At Heimstaden Bostad, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical business conduct. Our anti-corruption initiatives are designed to ensure that every aspect of our business operates with honesty and accountability.

With our values Care, Dare, and Share integrated throughout the company, we conduct our business in a lawful and ethical way - externally and internally. We always act fairly, meet people with respect, and have zero tolerance against all forms of criminality, corruption, fraud, bribery, money laundering, and insider trading. We believe that by promoting a culture of integrity, we not only protect our organization's reputation but also contribute to the overall development of the countries and communities we operate in.

Key Elements of Our Anti-Corruption Programme:

Tone from the top: Leadership at all levels must exemplify ethical business conduct towards employees, customers, suppliers, and third parties. Heimstaden Bostad`s ethical standards should be clearly communicated and rigorously followed.

Strong corporate governance and compliance framework: We have established a Code of Conduct that outlines the ethical principles and standards expected from all employees. This code serves as a guide for decision-making, emphasizing the importance of honesty, fairness, and respect in all business dealings.

Anti-Corruption Policy and Manual: Our company has implemented an Anti-Corruption Policy and Manual in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our framework contributes to predictability, building investor trust, and confidence in the capital market.

Business Partners and other third parties: We conduct screening of our business partners, suppliers, and other third parties to ensure they share our commitment to ethical business conduct. All our business partners must sign our Business Partner Principles and agree to conducting their business in the same manner we do. 

Whistleblower Mechanism: We have established a confidential and anonymous whistleblower reporting mechanism that encourages employees, stakeholders, and externals to report any suspected or actual instances of corruption. This ensures that potential misconduct is promptly addressed, and appropriate actions are taken.

Compliance and Monitoring: Compliance monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of our anti-corruption program regularly and updates are done in a yearly programme. We perform risk assessments, and periodic reviews to identify any vulnerabilities and implement necessary improvements. We also maintain open channels of communication to address concerns or questions related to anti-corruption measures through

Training and Awareness: We introduce a new Anti-Corruption e-learning course in the fall of 2023 to ensure that our employees understand our Policy and Manual. This course will provide them with the necessary training on types of corruption including dilemmas and a quiz. It is important to raise awareness on Anti-Corruption to enhance a compliance culture in our company.

By integrating these measures into our day-to-day operations, we strive to create a work environment where ethical business conduct is the norm. We are committed to fostering transparency, building trust, and upholding the highest standards, for us this is a key enabler for ethical business conduct and a prerequisite for future growth.